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ETV Interview Questions
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General Knowledge & Current Affairs Questions and Answers - Set 2

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hi;my name is rahul; im from india;well i have undergraduated student in english studies; then i caried on my studies in social developement departement from which after a year i v got a profesional licence degree in social institutions management; and now im applying for studying mba in usa ( concentration:marketing management)in2008; since 2years up to now im doing trainig in different associations; my sponsor is my question is: do i have any chane to get visa in my case; and in ur opinions ladies and gentemlmen what s the most convincing motivations and answered could tell the in embassy? plz don t hesitate to share me ur point of views


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PLEASE HELP ANYONE ON THIS ISSUE,is there any problem with this function module :RHPQ_T77BX_ADD_QUALIS_OF_DPLAN. IT IS TRIGGERING BEFORE COMPLETION OF THE DEVELOPMENT PLAN but it has to trigger after compltion of development plan..this issue raised in my reply urgently..thanks in advance..


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