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DBS Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the relation between size of the anteena and wavelenghth of radiated wave


Why is water motor not taking the pressure? what is the problem?


what are the applications of PLC?


please send to me product costing fags. my email id


We have 750KVA DG set, we want to introduce REF relay with 1250/1A,CL PS,Current transformers.The lead distance of 2.5mm copper flexible cable from CT to relay is around 5mtrs.We would like to know the knee point votage(VK) & IM calculion for CT's


what is penaultimate sale


Explain how a TP Monitor manages memory and processor resources more effectively than a typical operating system.


What is planning? How is it used, and what are its advantages? Is it feasible to use planning in real-time games? If so, name any titles where planning has been used for any part of the AI. Describe the architecture of a planning-based AI system for any genre of game.


Always use scope terminator like End-If with IF, End- Evaluate with Evaluate statement.Can somebody explain me the detail logical explanation?


how we can access the Tax Deduction through PAN ?.


What is Convolution in the frequency domain?


The transaction should not be displayed in User Easy access menu. How to do user auditing in sap? What will u audit?


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DBS Engineering Interview Questions
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