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DBS Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what is MERCANTILE Accounting system? how many accounting systems are followed in India

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write a program which calculates for every five digit integer entered on a keyboard, a numerical code computed as follows:first digit multiplied by 2+ second digit divided by 3 and the quotient multiplied by the third digit, + the fourth digit + the fifth digit divided by 2. the program should then display the following results 1, the code calculated from the integer value entered 2, the character value corresponding to the code as per the ASCII TABLE 3, Given any three 5-digit integer number, display the corresponding three-character code key:


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Hello to every body ... Its not its not a interview question In accounting field can we make Money ?


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hi all I have an overall experience of 12 years working in an EDP setup(worked in a manufacturing setup in a German MNC). On my request, I was relieved from my duties in Sep 06 for maternity reasons. However I would like to pursue a career in a software organization as a manual tester. I obtained my proficiency certificate in Software Testing from STAG SOFTWARE LIMITED 2 months ago i.e in May and would now like to continue working in this field. However I am unable to find a job until now. If anybody knows of a opening at bangalore, kindly let me know.


DBS Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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