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D&B Interview Questions
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what does .. meant in sas macros

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I just purchased a 4 position cam switch to be used to operate a 3-speed blower motor. The motor is a 10 amp motor and has 3 wires that are used to control speed. The cam switch was rated at 660V 20 amps but when I received it, I noticed that it has AC-15 operational current rating (Ie) of 4/5 amps. If I am reading the label correctly. the 4/5 amps is related to 440v/220V (Ue). Other ratings are AC-3: 5.5A, AC2: 7.5A and AC-4: 1.5A. My questions are 1) Is it safe to use this switch with the motor I have 2) what is the difference between the 20 amp Ith ratting and the Ie operational ratings?


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