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Agile Software SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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display records from 5 to 9 using rowid or rownum

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1.i have 5 jobs(1-5),i connect with each other,i want run from 3-5 only how? to schedual the job in datastage7.5 2? what is the deff bet grip and fgrep command? how do you cleanse the data in your project


An employ has after increment has Gross Salary 22000 rupees per month. Earlier he was covered in ESI . now should we deduct ESI from his salary or not.


how to relay switch sense the fault?


hat is the meaning of the capital ique,and hat is capital,and ahat is ique


what type of waves exactly the radiations are ?


what are the types of LockEdits in DAO?


Difference between delegates and Events?


what is the difference between megger and earth resister ??


The present state of recession in the IT Industry – as a Human Resource Manager how are you going to undertake Human Resource Planning to Macro level to tide over the crisis


hi, which software companys will take,if d candidate's % is jst 55%?


One of the Institutes contains 5 student groups. Every group contains 4 students. Institute wants to store student group’s details in array. Group should contain group member’s details (name and registration number and age), project name, and mark of the group.


starting with your last job, would you tell me about some of your achievements that was recognized by your superiors?


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what is solkor relay and which condition it will act?


Agile Software SQL PLSQL Interview Questions