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Agile Software SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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display records from 5 to 9 using rowid or rownum

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Hi guys, Our company has started to automate testing and started using the tool QTP.Iam new to QTP and I have the following questions to ask. Would appreciate if anyone could give me a hand on this and explain things in a detailed way. [1] Bugs outside checkpoints: I know that I can easily make the QTP do what I want inside the application. Also, I know that I can insert some checkpoints and that the qtp will notice if those conditions are not met. However, there are bugs and problems that might not be connected to a checkpoint (system crash, database error, losing session/logout etc.); how can I make sure that the QTP will notice such problems as well and flag a test as failed. [2] How to tell the QTP that when a particular statement is "false",it should flag it as, test failed and show in in the test report. In short how to tell the qtp that a test is false from the script so that it shows it in the report For Eg:- if(true) test passed // how to instruct qtp else test failed // how to instruct qtp [3] Test script portability: we are having several environments; If I record a test on User Interface, obviously, the qtp will save the URL; however, how can I make the qtp run the tests so that the url is provided dynamically. Is there a possibility to parameterize the web server.Is this the way to do it.I dont know? [4] Test management: How do I manage the tests? I guess we will be doing it in Quality Center, yet, it’s not perfectly clear to me how we will be doing that. [5] Running scheduled test sets: How do I group tests to a certain test set? How can I make this test set run at a predefined time? [6] Test maintenance: What do we need to do beforehand in order to enable for easy test maintenance, meaning small adjustments in tests? [7] Reports: What kind of reports on test results are available (either QTP or Quality Center)? Thanks in advance and hoping for an answer. Jen


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