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CSE Operating Systems General Concepts Interview Questions
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What is a mission critical system?


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How to move a string into a TMemoryStream or TFileStream?


What is Carrier Sense Multiple Access?


what is the difference between cold and hot spark plug? mention their place of use with justification?


When we delete logfiles such as screenshots how does it affect the ldf file? Ive seen huge change while adding screenshots in the ldf file but a very minor one deleting them.Please Explain


psc girder detail


what are general human resource manager process which is undergoing in an ISO certifying company?


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3. The vice president of sales has requested a graphical display of the same information provided in our last crosstab report (whatever I mentioned in above question) for an up coming presentation. We need to provide a chart report that shows which regions generate the most revenue and sales volume.


can anyone send me a copy of a business requirement and test cases attributed to such requirent. thank u


what is typa casting and type conversion ?


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what is undisclosed profit? explain


What is web.configuration? how is it work? & wht is use this?


CSE Operating Systems General Concepts Interview Questions
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