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COSL Interview Questions
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A person buy the 6, 1 Rs stamps and 7, 50 paisa stamps he has given 12 Rs how much he will get back.

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a person left house with speed 40 mile per hour. His wife after 30 minutes left to catch him at a speed of 50 Miles Per Hour. in what time she will catch.

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if ELECTRICITY - GAS =100 then JACK - JILL = ?

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8 man work for 6 days to complete a work. How many men are required to complete same work in 1/2 day.

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A farmer walks at constant speed on the perimeter of his rectangular field. it takes him twice the time to cover longer side than shorter side.if he walks total 300 m . then find out the area of field?

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Find the hypotaneous of a right angle isoceles tringle whose area is 50.

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(root 200) - (root 50) =?

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Un-Answered Questions

what is the main usage of an abstract keyword?please follow the program class A { void display() { System.out.println("hai"); } void print() { } } class B extends A { void print() { System.out.println("Hello"); } } In this program i was gives the implementation of print() according to my requirements in subclass.And there is no definition in superclass then why we can use abstract keyword before a method that i want to gives definition in other classes,is any mistakes in the above usage of method?


this is Ramu .i am working as sap sd end user.I am joined sap sd course but i am completed my graduation 2011. actually 2005 -2008 my education year. any plausibility to get good ob


Which agent enables the deliberation about the computational entities and actions? a) Hybrid b) Reflective c) Relational d) None of the mentioned


What is the difference between spreading and striking ?


Can any one please give me an effective format for designing a functional specification and technical specification sheet for a software developemnt related company would be highly useful for my final year project.


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What do you understand by the term 'Big 4s'?


company accounts introduction?


what are the methods to study nuceic acid and protein interactions?


Why TDS not Deducted on Service tax amount of Rent.


Which method is preferred to save datas like database?


Inline parameters : What does the compiler do with the parameters of inline function, that can be evaluated in runtime ?


How to print page numbers in a script through SE38 Program ?


COSL Interview Questions
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