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CompuSol Interview Questions
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When you first load SQL SERVER you will startup with what all databases?

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To validate a range of values for a property whenever the property values changes,which type of property procedure you use?


hi there i am highly enthusiastic about discussing electrical concepts , and hence i wud lyk to invit al do intrested to join me at gtalk and hav a dscussun of the concepts , ad me as a freind . my email id is


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plz explain the auot-reclosing circuit in electrical engineeing


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who are the stake holders in identifying the risk analysis of pure software product development


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How to read the third party controls in the application


How Load Factor, Demand Factor, Diversity Factor etc best applied in designing an electrical circuit? Is it allowed to consider these factors in each and every panel in an electrical distribution system? Can any body suggest a good book for reference?


A channel has a bit rate of 4kbps and a propagation delay of 20msec. For what range of frame sizes does stop-and-wait give an efficiency of at least 50%


Set srchobj=Description.Create() srchobj("type").value="text" srchobj("name").value="q" srchobj("html tag").value="input" browser("micclass:=google").Page("micclass:=google").webedit (srchobj).Set "qtp" what's wrong in my code pls tell me ? the above code working fine and i got my result pass,now i am trying to run the program it shows general run time error why?pls help me i am in learning stage ?


CompuSol Interview Questions
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