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Compaq Interview Questions
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who is the father of sex?


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What is Interleaving? Why do we need it?


what is the relation between reactive power and power factor for the what is the limit of reactive power and power factor


How will you calculate impairment of assets of a software company?what is the necessary steps briefly describe?


How configuration errors in the ISPBX can prevent successful connections?


Which Signal hart communicator work? If there any signal change when hart connect while transmitter in line ?


What is PE ratio formula ?


I purchased a machine and finance it by bank with the amount 1900000 and bank apply the finance charge 440000 for 3 years finance how to pass this entry still machine value is 2200000 is finance charge is interest (indirect exp.) pls help me.


1)what is the function of a frequency inverter? 2)If a few frequency inverter are connected onto a device network,what are the two setting that will ensure the frequency inverter work properly on the network. 3)whats is the name of the input sensor for weigher? 4)How to confirm that the load cellis faulty? 5)Describe briefly the steps to validate that the weigher is working properly? 6)Describe the procedure to validate the flowmeter accuracy? 7)Describe briefly the steps to validate that the tempreture sensor/transformer is working properly. 8)what is the adjustment that need to be done when you are calibrating the temperature transmitter ? 9)what are the safety measures to be taken before disconnecting motor for rewinding. 10)whats is the synchronous speed in rpm of typical 4pole 50hz motor? 11)whats is the formula for kw, ohm's law 12)if a 3phase motor is rated 3kw,415vac,what is it's rated ampere?


how to estimate wiring ins roughing ins. and boxes


What skills have you acquired that would apply to the position of Clinical Data Manager?


Does the ATCC do MAP (mouse antibody production) testing?


Hi What is a STAGING CLIENT in our Land scape? a bit of confusion in this


whether bills of exchnge can come under the category of reserves and surplus


What will you use SELECT SINGLE or SELECT UPTO 1 ROWS ?


Short Answer on _________Business


Compaq Interview Questions
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