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Citrix Interview Questions
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A number of 9 digits has the following properties: ? The number comprising the leftmost two digits is divisible by 2, that comprising the leftmost three digits is divisible by 3, the leftmost four by 4, the leftmost five by 5, and so on for the nine digits of the number i.e. the number formed from the first n digits is divisible by n, 2<=n<=9. ? Each digit in the number is different i.e. no digits are repeated. ? The digit 0 does not occur in the number i.e. it is comprised only of the digits 1-9 in some order. Find the number.

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There are 25 horses and only five tracks in a race. How do you find the second coming horse of all the 25 horses, provided there is no stop clock? (obviously, a horse cannot participate more than once in a race).

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