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CESC Interview Questions
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What happens when DC supply is given to transformer

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What is exchange? What is the use of exchange?


what is Accounting Standers?


What are the scripts you can create for security by using LSMW??


what is receiver device in ir receiver which catch over signal of ir?


When doing a liquid seal on a differential flow transmitter , most of the time the sealing liquid will be heavier then the process fluid. For wich application will the sealing liquid be lighter than the process fluid if transmitter is mounted below the process line.


1)how will control the item category determination


How to draw using LoEnglish Mapping Modes?


how can u integrate ejb and hibernate? How can u call hibernateDAO methods in session bean?


Explain difference between stand by earth fault and residual earth fault protection?


What happen when neutral point connected to core balance current transformer? (Neutral point of an alternator of a 180KVA DG. Neutral point connected to CBCT means enter to the CBCT)


How to calculate earth fault current for 6.6 KV , 50 HZ , 756 Amps , 3000 RPM , 0.8 PF generator


Implement the dictionary operations INSERT, DELETE, and SEARCH using singly linked, circular lists. What are the running times of your procedures?


Please advise where to enter Income tax paid to Govt. in tally and on which head account to be created///


what are voucher entries for EPF treatment in tally


i will go for f1 visa 3rd time. Can i get visa? i am doing job in finace company, they ask me why are you want to study now(means after gap)? what is the ans of this question?


CESC Interview Questions
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