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Central Bank of India POs Interview Questions
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What are the good qualities for a Probationary Officer ?

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CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA Has anybody completed the online form fill up for PO exam??? It's such a waste site, i m trying for last 2 days the page is not opening. Even if it opens and u fill 1st page its not going to 2nd page. What ll be the right time in a day or night to fill the form online when there ll be less load on the server??????

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which site is useful for For Latest Current Affairs and General awareness 2009 for bank Po's?

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CETRAL BANK OF INDIA call letter????? Has any body got it for the written exam date 16.08.09

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what is the expected answer in bank Po interview when the panel member asks why are you interested in banking?


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Central Bank of India POs Interview Questions
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