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Cegedim Interview Questions
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what is the magic word in english

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whare exactly we have to use functions and sub routain


i have a land in city where so many godowns are present i want to know how i will be a c and f agent what can i do for his please suggest qualification need for same thanks


Can any one tell me how to write test data. i mean, to test each input, 2 test input(1 for +ve, & other for -ve) are given. so , for example, if i want to write test data for login form, how many test data should i write in test case?


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wata is all about qm intigration


What is the action of task environment in artificial intelligence? a) Problem b) Solution c) Agent


List the variables are used for writing doubly linked list program.


How to move a CS-RCS project to CS-CVS?


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1) is external oscillator XTAL1 &XTAL2 connection must needed ? 2) shall we proceed without oscillator for simple logialoutput


any meter avilable for measureing the Transformer Losses. ( like Voltmeter for voltage & ammiter for currenr )if yes plz give the make & supplier address, Email, Phone number.


Which uplink/downlink spectrum is allocated to DCS-1800?


Cegedim Interview Questions
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