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SSPL Interview Questions
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40 HP motor how many square mm size wire use for stator to motor & aluminium wire use ?

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Provisioned for electricity for the previous month's bill Rs. 8000 (pass journal entry)

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Company A has purchased goods worth Rs. 25000 from company B and made the cash payment of Rs 5000 and remaining will be payable with in 30 days. Assume that there is a late payment charge @ 2% on remaining amount as the invoice was received after due date from company B. Pass the journal entry in the books of company A for all the above transactions.

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How to calculate the Range of level transmitter ?

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We have a distribution transformer of 750KVA/11kv/440v and an AVR (Servo Stabilizer) of 750KVA on the LT side of distribution transformer. Also we have an ACB of 1200A on the output of distribution transformer (that is on the input of AVR). We want to have an MCCB on the output of AVR. What should be the rating?


What is the b check value of a 4bt engine


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