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Cambridge Interview Questions
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A rope-dancer holds wither an umbrella or a bamboo stick, while dancing on the rope. Why

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What are the Factors Affecting Transpiration ?

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What is Global company code? Have u worked on that?

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What is the meaning of incident in testing?

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Anybody can you tell me the us payroll elements?

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Recently igot job,Please,help me,Can u explain the real time process of manual Testing from starting.Please don't mind.

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pls.let me know, what will be created at client level and company code level.

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Who will be done the BDC(Batch Data Communication) process.. Is it consultant or technical people(ABAP PEOPLE)

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Chart of Accounts are created at client level or company level or company code level ? How many chart of accounts can we assign one company code(not operative,country and group)?

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i want manual and automation test cases and interview questions


* How many company codes can assign one controlling area(i know one but i am not confident) * How many plants can we assign to one company code * How many Chart of accounts can we assign to company code( i know one but i am not confident) * Can we assign one plant to two company codes * Can we assign one company code to two controlling area

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how change the order of prompts in bo xi? eg. i create first prompt with 'year' and second prompt with 'city'. my question is to display the 'city' prompt first .what can i do for it ?

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Do the Gods command it because it is great, or is it great because the Gods command it?


Could there still be a second-coming if mankind had disappeared from the planet?


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