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Kharafi National Interview Questions
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what questions should be asked to a mechanical maintenance technician

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What is loop checking ?

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What is the relationship between GAIN and PROPORTIONAL BAND.

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what is the importance of neutral in elctrical system?

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how to calibrate and troubleshooting of leveltroll?


Dear all, how we select the cable size according  to current with or without including different correction factor , is there any direct method for sizing of cable... 


What is surge in compressors? How to detect and control it?

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How to do calibration of magnetic flowmeter

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how is working bearing heater?


why on delay timer used for fully automatic star delta starter?


how much maximum load a 2 core (Single phase) 16mm aluminium wire can take ?


 How can we migrate Message catalog between 2 databases?


hey any one has sample placement papers for citrix r&d, bangalore, pls send it to me on, i have got my tests on 3rd sep


What is difference between SMC supportg and Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Support.


can u give me model question papers for exam preparation .


If a person got gold by wining a lottery and TDS on the gold value was not deducted by the deductor. After getting the gold, the person tranfer the gold to his daughter. After reading the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961, you are required to state that who is liable to pay the tax on the value of the gold? and is there any liability of the Deductor towards non-deduction of TDS?


hi what is the difference between sap apo technical and functional?


Hi, Please guide me in the TDS calculation. I know the slabs.But I dont have much idea about the deduction part.What is the need of Bsic and HRA while calculating TDS.Also I heard that LIC, Rent etc is excempted from TDS.Please guide email id is Thanks in advance..


To convert IDMS to DB2, how to deal with IDMS occurs and redefined clause?


Process technology? What package was used and how did you model the package/system? What parasitic effects were considered?


What are the partitioning techniques available in link partitioner?


How would you relate your key competencies to this position?


Difference between nonoperating expentiture and non cash expenditure


Kharafi National Interview Questions
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