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C3I Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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please provide jam round interview topics and answers

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Any one please give me some real time tickets with solutions


What is the meaning of HT Trivector Meter ?


temp of cast resin 1500kva tx formerwent up to 138.c but came down very fast to about 100.c within 20 mins when load was reduced from 70% to 60%


Tell me all about production of drought and its losses In the boiler?


What is Production scheduling Profile and use of it?


what is the current pay package for an instrumentation engineer having 2 years of experience in cryogenic technology???????


Is banner advertising still effective?


what will happen if the prime mover on the field excitation of the on-coming generator fails?Explain.


How can we configure Input Tax in SD?


I am having 5 nos. ceiling fans in my home. if i switch on all fan at full speed say 5 , so Will my meter reading be runing fast ? OR if I keep all fans on very low speed, say 1, so meter reading will runing slowly. or it does not make any difference whether low or high. reading will remain same?


Please let me know Under head of Sales Advance?


hi sir would u plz kindly send me d previous years IOCL test papers......plz send it to this email


7. Give me an example of a time when you have tried to accomplish something, and failed


what is pool waiting time prameters?


In order management, how to reserve an item without booking?


C3I Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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