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BITS C++ General Interview Questions
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structure contains int, char, float how it behaves for big endian and little endian?

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You have an AI player in an RTS game that occasionally needs to send scouts out onto the map to perform reconaissance. Designers want each scout to move around semi-randomly, exploring various parts of the map, particularly those that have been seen the least recently. Assume that the game is grid-based and has a fog-of-war feature. Also assume that the scouts are very cheap and dispensable, and it's OK for them to walk into the enemy base or other dangerous areas. How would you implement the system to decide where the scouts should go? What sort of data structure do you need to support this? How can you ensure that the scouts do a good job of exploring the map thoroughly? What are the performance characteristics of your approach? Is there any risk of scouts getting stuck trying to go somewhere that isn't even accessible?


Hi, I am using OutputCheckPoint for 2 webelements Bed:4 and Bath:2 Full,1 partial in my result page and I am storing the value in the data table. I dont need the string Bed:4,I would like to get only the no 4. How can I get it? Even though I highlight only 4,It is seleting the full value "bed 4". Same thing happend for second webelement Bath:2 Full,1 partial I need only the No 2. I used the following to split MyArray = Split(UIBathResult, " ", -1, 1) But it is giving the value My Array(0)=Bath:2full,1Partial I need the only the nos for further comparision.Any help? Thanks Uma


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