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Cabinet Secretariat Interview Questions
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General Knowledge & Current Affairs Questions and Answers - Set 2

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did any one appear the Deputy field officer main exam conducted by CABINET SECRETARIAT on 19th October? when will its result publish? we do not have any idea regarding the number of vacancies, nature of interview, method of selection , cut off marks there any authentic reply ....

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is there anyone who appear in the deputy field officer main exam conducted by cabinet secretariat on 19th october 2008? when will its result publish?can anyone tell me. From where we can get the information about this exam.

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hi, frnz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have selected for interview for the post of deputy field officer(tele) in cabinet sectt 2010.i want to know about the nature of intrvw. what types of questions they ask? what i have to prepare for the same ? what's the nature of job i.e. job profile, about much time will it take? so, please ,if any body has faced the interview earlier kindly give me the details over with regards, yajiv kumar !

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sir i got a call from cabinet secretariat regarding i got selected in dfo(gd) 2013 on 28/5/2016 to come for filling of some details in my interview attestation form,which i submitted.Now when will my verification be completed and got the appointment letter.Is anybody got the same


hii,anybody got joining letter in dfo(gd) 2013.PLZZ mail me at


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