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Biotech Interview Questions
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what are petro crops?what is the use of petro crops?

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what is red biotechnology?

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In Reimer-Tiemann?s reaction, the reaction intermediate is (a) Carbene (b) Dichloro carbene (c) Carbonion (d) Carbonium ion.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of transgenic animals for neuroscientific studies?

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what are proteasome inhibitors ?


What is the TDS Rates for the F.Y 2008-09 ?

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I am doing my biotechnology.but i don't know about the interview questions of various company and how i have to face.can you please anyone send that placement papers?thank you


could u please say me the job opportunities for M.Sc biotech students in India


A boy asked a girl her name she replied your name is behind your scooty Behind the scooty is written 7.3 3.3 9.3 2.3 What is her name

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