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What are Frame shift mutations?

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For which purpose Immunoblotting technique is used?

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What is the basic difference between quantitative and quantal assays?

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how do mutations occur?

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Regarding export, We have Excisable goods for Export, issuing Form ARE1 (Annexure-1), If we'll pay Excise Duty with adjustment from our accumulated of cenvat and "Claim for rebate of Duty paid on goods exported."/ CE Rule 18 Which type shipping bill should be file for "Claim for rebate of Duty paid on goods exported. .......Plz advise now can we also get DBK all industry rate? Motive: To reduce the accumulation of heavy cenvat To claim the refund of duty drawback, duty paid on raw material components, parts, packing material & others applicable inputs under Section 4A of valuation act. FYIP, We are registered with deptt. of excise and availing the cenvat on all inputs. Availing facility of CENVAT credit under CENVAT credit rules, 2002


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