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  • Bindal Papers technical test questions (2)

Bindal Papers Interview Questions
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Is it good to short Neutral and Ground in the PLC or DCS main Power supply. Pls give YES or NO with reasons...? Simarpreet


types of valves

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sir pls tell me . our ct specifications are 120/5 ,2 core , 0.2 and 5p10 class , 30va and 30va buden. insted of 30 va i want use 15 va. can i use?


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sir, please send previous years RRB junior engineer (mechanical) exam papers


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Good morning: I'm looking for some informations about the OLTC or the LTC: I wont to know what the function of the tie-resistor in during the operation of reversing/coarse operation Cordially


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Bindal Papers Interview Questions
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