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AON Interview Questions
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About yourSelf ?

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do they hire undergraduates? and if answer is in affirmative then what sorts of questions we hav to prepare?so tht i can crack this interview


In any place there are 9 Cottage. Each to a Cottage Mohan Tanya and Roma do not want to live in end Row. Babu and Mohan must not have any body adjacent. Only on empty Cottage between Mohan and Roma. Chander is adjacent to both Jayanti and Roma. Tanya next to the cottage at the begnings. 1. Who has empty Cottage both side. (a) Roma (b) Babu (c) Mohan (d) Tanya 2. Who is in 3rd Cottage ? (a) Jyoti (b) Chandar (c) No body (d) Roma 3. what Cottage empty (a) 1,6,8 (b) 1,5,8 (c) 4,5,6 (d) 5,6,8 4. Maximum no. of consecutive Cottage that are (a) 0 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4 5. we are writing code word PEOPLE to PLPEOEE than how to write TREND (a) TREDN (b) DNERT (c) NDETR (d) TNERD

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What are the Aggregate functions in SQL ?

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diff between nodup rec and ondup key???

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difference between waitProperty & Checkproperty

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Write a query to get all details of employee who has maximum salary from employee table

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