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  • Bhawan Cybertek interview questions (9)

Bhawan Cybertek Crystal Enterprise Suite Interview Questions
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1.What is caching? What are the different types of caching? 2.Is there any feature like summing total in crystal report?

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3.Can we use stored procedure for creating the report? 4.Does Crystal Report support all the functions that we have in Oracle?

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6.What are the sections that we have in Crystal reports?

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7.Are there any limitations in crystal reports? 8.Can we use our own SQL for creating a report?

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9.Can we export data of reports into other format like in world doc etc? 10.Can we create report using more than one database?

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11.How do we format field? 12.How do we connect to the database?

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13.Can we use Crystal report as a stand-alone application?

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14.How to "Print" in Crystal Reports while using ASP DOT NET Platform?

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15.What are the advantages or disadvantages of using Crystal Reports in a Windows Forms application as opposed to say rolling our own reports as HTML and displaying them in the Internet Explorer control?

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Bhawan Cybertek Crystal Enterprise Suite Interview Questions
    Crystal Enterprise Suite (9)