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Belly Interview Questions
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When will the testing starts? a)Once the requirements are complete b)In requirement phase

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distinguish between Bill of Exchange and Promissory Note


hello!my name is sheikh iam preparing for indian engineering servieces,please send me the old question


Using Connected or unconnected lookup for performance wise which one is preferable?.


what type of quesions asks in interview?


Requirement from Market “Alice is talking to Bob. Bob thinks that Alice should talk to Chris for more information. Currently, Bob will pass on the directory number of Chris to Alice; Alice/Bob will disconnect the call and then Alice will initiate a new call to Chris. What we need need, Bob should be able to transfer the call to Chris, without Alice making another call.” Implementation done by Unified CM Development Team When a basic call is connected, a new softkey “Transfer” will be displayed on the IP Phone. User (say, Bob) can press that and dial a target (say, Chris). Bob has two options (1) wait for Chris to answer and then tell Chris about call from Alice and then press “transfer” again to complete transfer (2) press “Transfer” immediately; when Chris answers he will be connected to Alice Please come up with test cases thinking from a user perspective, let’s say from a Bank (there could be users such as receptionists, accountants, managers etc.) – in what all scenarios transfer can happen, any negative scenarios (cases where we don’t get a positive response always). If you think you need an enhancement to the feature, please go ahead and suggest that as well.


i want computer associates placement papers from u? pls post to me.


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Belly Interview Questions
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