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Bayer Interview Questions
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What would you want to achieve in your first year on the job?

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In which part of India, canal irrigation system is the most common? (a) Tamil Nadu (b) Maharashtra (c) Sikkim (d) Uttar Pradesh

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What is the difference between Telnet and SSH?

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2, 10, 30, 68, 130, _____

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Where all the Idocs get stored after creation?

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What is void volume & dead volueme

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How we will diapose UV (detector) lamp?

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Principle of single pan analytical balance


I want to create a sales order with 10 line items with 3 different payterms ; Is it possible. It is ok even if Invoice spilt. If ok pls let me know th Control?

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why urasil use in hplc column perfomance?

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Which Pharmacopiea follow calibration of HPLC,GC

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Un-Answered Questions

Explain what is a foreign key relationship?


What type of gear is the first reduction gear pinion?


hi to every one .. how to view table pool after creating the pooled table? plz help me.. if any knows abt this ..


types of survey and levelling instrument ?


Difference between shunt, PMG and AREP excitation. Which is the most reliable between PMG and AREP.


what is the entry tax explain briefly?


how to control dc motor?


how calculate intrest on advance tax ? and penalty on vat?


please anyone let me know the -ve testing of Excel sheet?


thermal engineering


3.In TALLY,we used to call tally erp that,in sap we used to call SAP ECC what is ECC?,i know the abbreviation of ECC.i want to know the role of ECC?


there is an alternator 480 k.w, 400v,50hz, 4-wire running on load having leakage alternator body earthed current 38 A. is it within acceptable limit? if yes then give reference if no then how to bring within specified limit


Any one suggest me for Free ware (Opensource) Automation tool for regression testing.


How to calculate no of EARTH PIT? Describe the formula as per IS standard?


Why we use Electrical energy rather than any other type of energy, mostly? Explain behavior of open secondary CT and short circuited secondary PT in energized condition?


Bayer Interview Questions
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