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State Bank Of India SBI BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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I am not clear about the nature of the job....Hello, I have cleared the clerical interview. I am still confused about the nature of the job. I am not at all comfortable in working in a call-centre like environement and to work in shifts.But when in the job advertisement,it was there that the employee is required to make calls to customers,work in sfits and do travel. Clarifications please....


Re: plz send me previous 10 years solved question papers for sbi clerical exam. also request for one model paper pattern for this year clerk exam & Interview questions. Thanking you......

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Hi Friends, Has anybody got Offer letter from SBI Chennai Circle? Ofcourse they have given the date upto 20 th December or oterwise to check with the tel no given. If any one has got, what is the content of the letter and is the branch is mentioned in that?

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Please send me model papaer for a recruitment.

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hi frnd can anybody can explain me about this statement. i m confused that i m from up then how i will be able to apply and for which bank..... Candidates can apply for vacancies in one Bank / State only and will have to appear for written test from a centre of that particular state. For example, candidate applying to SBH Bank in Andhra Pradesh State can appear from Andhra Pradesh only.

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hi friends im rajini im going to write sbiclerkpost pleasesend me model papers


hi friends im waiting for SBI clerical notifications in could u inform abt that friends,my id is


hi friends im waiting for SBI clerical notifications in could u inform abt that friends,my id is


Hi .. I M Bhagyaraj selected for SBI Clerical post. Can anybody tell me about offer letter. and what's the difference between offer letter & appoinment letter. Uptill when will be getting our medical report which i had undrgone on 20/12/08. Does anybody know when does our traing courses commennece from or the Date of joining ????????????


Did anyone of the candidates who has got the SMS for clearing the SBI Clerical written test, get the Offer Letter of Appointment? If someone got it please let me know as i havent got the same yet.


i received SMS on 27-12-2008 that i have allotted(as Clerk) to SBI Admnistrative unit, Visakhapatnam. But i didnt received mail yet. Does any one received mail? please reply. When willorders come?


pls send the sbi clerical exam question & answer (last 5 year)

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i want the solved clerical papers of bank recruitment pls send it to me

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i want the sbi clerical exams papers of last 10 years and the interview questions .thank you


any one from chennai circle who got appointment letter from sbi. please do inform

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Post New State Bank Of India SBI BSRB Clerical Interview Questions

State Bank Of India SBI BSRB Clerical Interview Questions

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