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State Bank Of India SBI BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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what do you know about operating system,what is the use of operating system?

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what motivates you to join banking sector?

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do you know when the banks got nationalised and why?

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what is the role of sbi in development of rural indian and farmers?


what do you mean by bank policies?

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any body who attended interview today(26.04.10) kindly share your interview experience?

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what quality should clerk posses?


why do you want to joint banking sector?


what is the credit policy or RBI?


sharing of interview questions of sbi on 26th april 2010

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What is Banking Regulation Act.


hie again this is rashmi rana, can sumone please suggest me a thing,i had my obc certificate of my state,i didn't know that there is another obc certificate which counts as central's..., now i filled my sbi form as obc category,n i got selected for the interview,now they have asked for the central's obc certificate,which i cant make cause,my community comes under obc in my state only, but in centre we are general category.., so what will happen now, please tell me.what will b the consequences..... please,i have two days to go to my interview.... please sumone....

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these q were asked in the interview on 26april 1.HOW WILL YOU MANAGE THE PROMLEM OF CUSTOMERS? 2 pvt banks recently in news? wat was the matter? 3.if a customer comes to u with 5 lakh rupees then which investment plan will you suggest to him? 4.a situation was also given........You are sitting in the cash counter...the senior manager passes by that way..he finds 10000/- lying down..he silently takes that money and disappears.. Everyone's puzzled and they go mad tryin' to tally the acc thru out the day..and only you know what happnd to it..Now what you will do...??? PLS SUGGEST ANS FOR THESE Q

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as you said that this is ur dream job then can u tell us about function of a clerk?


what do you mean by banking regulation acts?


Post New State Bank Of India SBI BSRB Clerical Interview Questions

State Bank Of India SBI BSRB Clerical Interview Questions

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