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State Bank Of India SBI BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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what is capital adequacy ratio?


when we can expect the results of SBI clerk which was held on 01-03-2009

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Any information regarding the results of SBI clerk which was held on 01-03-2009

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hi guys, how to prepare for INDIAN BANK clerical exams,prvs examiners done in iob's, pls refer me how to prepare, like timings,calculaqtions in reasioning, apptitude, suggest me any important books.if any send to my id

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I've been selected for SBI clerical interview on 27th May.Can anybody tell me wht kind of questions r asked in the interview?Plz post an answer as quick as is

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sbi clerk 1st march result has came just now.results u can see in the following link

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Hi All, I have cleared the SBI Clerical cadre exam held on 01-03-09 and have my interview on 21st May. Please send me some questions for the preparation of the interview. Please help.... my email id :

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Hi friends, i m ravi. i have been selected in the State Bank of India Clerical exam, held on 1st Mar. 2009. Now i want to know about the interview. my interview is on 25th may, plz help me!!!!

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I'm currently doing II year Science). I've been selected in the SBI Clerical staff exam. I'm about to face the interview on 28-5-2009. I'm in a dilemma whether to pursue my studies or get into the job.

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I have to face interview of SBI Associates clerk on 29th may 2009, all i want to know is what type of questions r asked in these interviews. Will u pls send me questions( with answers) on my email id i.e Thanks & Regards

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This is swapna(MCA) cleared SBI clerical,my interview is on 26th may in hyd.Friends,any information regarding the type of interview qns ?Thax in advance

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hi i m called for interview on 29 may 2009.. i wanted to know what is the weightage of interview.. how r candidates selected ie. only in basis of interview or both written and interview marks.. also what is the selection ratio from among all the students called for interview..

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I cleared the SBI clerk exam. How much years it take me to become manager? What are the intermediate posts en route to manager?


i want to know my sbi clerical written test result which is held on 1 march 2009 my roll no is 4030709395 plz reply me

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hi im abirami doing 3rd yr BE(CSE) with i selected 4 sbi clerical n confusion tat can i cont my studies r go to job..s there any chance 4 me 2 finish my degree n correspondance....please reply me


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State Bank Of India SBI BSRB Clerical Interview Questions

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