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Yahoo Interview Questions
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Describe your classroom's physical appearance?

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what is mutation testing?

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Explain about error handling in php?

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How to find out, how a user visited a particular page?

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What does the top command display?

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What is the error message that you would get if you try to assign "Null" to an integer variable?

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What is the basic difference you find between a shell script and perl?

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Is running apache as a root is a security risk?

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In which State reason soft is there ???


Has employer came India and took interview?


Yahoo Placement Paper Written Test Experience -September 2006

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What?s the default port for MySQL Server?

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Explain the difference between FLOAT, DOUBLE and REAL.

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In how many ways we can retrieve the date in the result set of mysql using PHP?

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What do you understand by nutritive constituents of food ?

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Yahoo Interview Questions

Un-Answered Questions

What are the types of casting?


How can elements in a listbox be sorted?


How do cookies work?


Explain why the three-domain system was devised and identify the domains to which microorganisms belong?


Sir I have got qualified in IBPS Clerical examination conducted in Nov'2011. I am expecting one question by interview " Where do you See after 5 years from Now in Bank"? Pleas advice me with good reply in this regard Sir.


Despite having a great biodiversity why, is the Amazon Rainforest under risk of desertification?


What do you understand by the confusion matrix?


How will you create a bootstrap panel with heading?


Which interfaces are implemented by linkedhashset?


How to create an index on an existing table in ms sql server?


What is the full form of AMQP?


Which type of os is linux?


Explain LILO?


Explain how logical gates are controlled by Boolean logic?


Explain secured connection?