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Xerox Interview Questions
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what is architecture of IIS?

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what is the journal entry for credit sale and credit purchase?

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What"s mean by term of BOQ in construction?

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what you did yesterday from morning to till evening?

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please provide wct retun guide line how can prepaire that


a company sold an equipment for $8600, but the actual book value of the machine was $8000, pass journal entry

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Profit is a asset or liability to the company....? If is it a asset or it is....?

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What are Local Sockets?

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fixtures of the the book value rs.2500 sold off at rs. 1600 and new fixtures of the value of rs.4000 were acquired what would be amount of capital loss if cartage on purchase is rs. 5? a.2500 b.900 c.1605 d.4005

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