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WorldLink Interview Questions
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what are the fetures of win 98, xp, 2000

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Un-Answered Questions

Explain the difference between float and packed data type?


Explain in which assembly is the mvc framework is defined?


I am an Industrial Engineering graduate (through correspondence) with over 5 yrs experience. Now I am looking for a job in SAP CRM Functional on a fake resume with 3 years of relevant experience. the experience is verifiable, but i am worried abt the salary aspect. I am showing 4.8 lpa. how to justify it and what to say on form 16? what all should be the components of the salary slip?


In a particular object, I have given only read access to a certain field named as ‘site__c’ to all users in the organization. However, if I have marked ‘site__c’ as a required field in the page layout for that object. So, what will happen when a user saves the record in that object through that page layout ?


Can we move the index.php file outside the public folder?


Has there been a situation when you've had any idea but have not been able to implement it?


Why is it required to use sandbox solution in sharepoint?


What are the benefits of postgresql?


How do you play a video using html5?


What is datastage?


How to launch an activity in android?


How do we return the loan in equal installments with interest in tally


Can we use Python in HTML?


can I port my existing applications from the mainframe or os/2? Will there be extensive changes required to do this?


What is json web token?