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Vijaya Bank Interview Questions
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diffrence between nationlised bank and psu bank and commercial bank.

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what is the working principle of smoke detector in fire alarm system

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Anybody who wud hv applied for Vijaya Bank Probationary clerical exam, did receive the Hall ticket?? The written exam is on 7th Feb right????


what are the possible questions asked for bank po interviews?


why intrested you govrment job?

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I'm working under Govt. of Assam with Pay Scale Rs. 5200 - Rs. 20200/- Grade Pay Rs. 2100/-,my take home salary is Rs. 11,000/- PM. I faced SBI Clerk Interview recently & also Cleared Vijaya Bank Clerk written test exam & confirm to get a bank clerk job in any one of them. But I'm confused about how much salary in Bank clerk job now when new pay package will start? Can any one tell me about new bank clerk pay package?

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Anyone appearing Vijaya Bank Clerk interview, please inform me when will result declare, r they waiting for SBI Clerk result,it is too lazy to announce 500 clerk result,they have no other recruitment also, it is now 45 days of interview.9854932513


why loss is posted on asset side in balance sheet?

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I'm selected for the post of P. Clerk in Vijaya Bank, any one is there who selected for the same, please mail me at or 9854932513

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Hi, I need sample interview questions which is being asked for Vijaya bank Senior IT Manager post. Kindly do let me know if you have any information. Thanks, Rahul


sir/mam i want to know about Vijay bank interview question for scale III ..Please give me ASAP. thanks


what is meant by transformer oil temparature

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