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Bally Technologies Puzzles Interview Questions
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Three convicts are brought into the warden's office. He says he can parole one of them and to decide which one he will parole he takes out 5 hats (3 red and 2 white). He stands behind them and places a hat on each one of their heads and puts the other two remaining hats in a drawer. He tells the prisioners they can look at the others hats and if they can tell which hat they have on they will be the one who is paroled. The first man looks at the other two and says, "I don't know." The second man looks at the others hats and says, "I don't know." The third man who is blind says, "Even though I have not the gift of sight I can tell by what the others have said that the color of my hat is..." What color is the blind mans hat and how does he know?

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