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Bally Technologies STL Interview Questions
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Question 1)Read the data from one file and remove all the duplicated words and generate an output file containg only using words.Program should also print number of occurance of each words on standard output.(Program must be use STL and iostream object). Question 2)Write a program to convert the lower case contents of file to upper case using STL. Question 3)What is the output of this problem. int i=12; int &r =i; r+r/4; int +p =&r; int *p = &r; P+=r; return 1; Answer :a)12 b)17 c) 30 d)24 E)15 Question 4) #include #include #include void main() { char srcstr[30],desstr[30]; int i,len; clrscr(); cout<<"\nenter the string\n"; cin>>srcstr; len=strlen(srcstr); for(i=0;srcstr[i]!='\0';i++) { desstr[--len]=srcstr[i]; } desstr[i]='\0'; cout<<"\nreversed string is\n"; for(i=0;desstr[i]!='\0';i++) { cout< } getch(); } Answer : A) string output b)tuptuo gnirts c) string d)output Question 5) Class Test { static const Tk=LEN; int q; public: foo(intx =LEN):q(x){}; TGet Q() const { return q:} void call test Foo foo(10); std::const<< foo.Getq(); Answer: 7,8,9,10,11 question 6) class A { int a; char b; }; class B:public A { char b; int a; }; What is the size? Answer a)5 bytes for class A and 5 bytes class B b)4 bytes for class A and 8 bytes class B. c).... d)....

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