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TVS Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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wt is the difference between clutch and brake?

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how much axis is in CNC machine?

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is there a future for a mechanical er. in supplier development field ?


what is the actual difference between casting and moulding? explain pressure die casting process?

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How can conclude that whether it is gravity die casting component or pressure die casting or low pressure die casting and shell moulding?

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what is c.c in automobile

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what is compressor?

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What type of beari ng u will prefer for automobile?

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What is the function of "Speed Governor" in steam turbine? How it works?

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What materials use to make valve body, and What data needs to choose correct valve size


what is unified transmission system

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what is milling and types of milling?what is drilling and types of drilling? what is tapering and their types?


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