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Thermax Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the fullform of mccb

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what is reactive power ? what its role in transmission lines?

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How can get electrical "c" licence.I am complited in Deee.Passing year of 1993.Working in pvt cocern lt Line.Please advise me .Cell no 9994786021

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how we select the fuse and OLR rating for 3 phase induction motor from 1HP TO 100 HP?

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How to calculate cable sizes in with using motor KW? Any formula there?

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What is BKW of Motor. And what its significance

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what is the difference between droop mode and ischnorous mode in thermal powerplant?


what is the RESTART INHIBIT protection?

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Brief me about maintenance planning & sheduling of machine tool.


What is AVR in Turbo generator in Thermal power plant?

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what is impedence voltage

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How to calculate the efficiency of Turbo Generator(Alternator) in general....?


150 hp moter how many kwh in 1 hour and what forfula 3 phase kwh.

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After synchronizing the running generator with grid, the avr getting tripped and the generator breaker also oettong tripped, before tripping the avr the pf meter of generator is showing leading pf please kindly give a suggestion to rectify this problem.

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