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Tesco ASP.NET Interview Questions
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How will you write a web service for secure socket layer? What is secure socket? Have you done any socket programming? What is single thread and multi thread? What are the differences between .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.2? What is the command to connect to a StoredProcedure? How many types of Adapters are available in ADO.NET? Why DataAdapters are important? What is DataSet? It's important to compile the ASP.NET application before using it? What protocol you use to stream the audio and Video data? What are the different kind of network protocols? Write how will you connect to a database using DataSet? Why we use AJAX? What AJAX can do which JavaScript can't do? In a page using Windows Media API, if we press a button and in succession quickly press another button, what do you think will happen? Will the application wait for the first button response and then execute the second one or directly second button command will execute. What is the architecture of your application? What is connection pooling in SQL? Tell some functions of Windows Media API? How you will detect, whether the ActiveX is installed in the system before accessing it? What are validators are available in ASP.NET? What are the basic concepts of OOPS? What is abstraction?


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