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Tesco Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions
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When we have two versions of the dot net installed how does the compiler know which version of DLL it has to select to an application.


What are the limitation in using querystring in .net?

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How to change the color of a cell or a row in a datagrid on mouse hover using javascript/.net


As per interoperatbility programs written in one language can be used by other language. How can we restrict the features of one language (say C#) in the programmer written in another language (say VB)..for example we have some features like operator overloading which is possible C#.NET (not in VB.NET), how can we restrict that when we are using this code in VB.NET.


What are the advantages of Server Controls over HTML/ASP Controls.

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I've an application where i need to give access to all the features only to admin and only few features to normal users. Say Menu...i dont want all my menu items to be accessible to all the users only the admin people can see few all the features where as normal users can have access to limited menu can i achieve this. Please note that my menu is not a database driven menu.

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