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Terrenos SAP Basis Interview Questions
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For example, I want to transfer 50GB of data from DEV to Quality. I am using client export and import method; can you tell me how many hours take for client export and import? And also How many hours take for remote client copy?

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how to perform a client import and export at OS level

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What is the use of reference and service user in sap?

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When applying a support pack to sap system. Can you tell me what are errors you are faced?

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How to take a sap backup using BRTOOLS explain the procedure? When using BRTOOLS, which backup device, you are used (Drive/tape)?

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When applying a support pack to sap system. Can you tell me what errors you are faced are?

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In CUA, I am unable to changes from DEV to QAS or PRD.How to troubleshoot this problem?

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what is the user group and use in sap?

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Example you have 6 sap application servers, I want to monitor all the application servers. How to configure a CCMS?


What are the configuration details of ECC6.0? 1. Server ConfigurationèHDD, RAM, OS, DATABASE. 2. System Configurationè HDD, RAM, OS, DATABASE

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Can you tell me the path in service market place for download support packs and kernel

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Wt is the use of logon group? Wt is the meaning of logon group??

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For example, my sap system having patch number was 8.I want to apply patch 9 and 10.Mistakenly I will apply the patch directly 11 without applying 9 and 10.How sap system will recognize this problem?

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what is the use of parameter tab, and personalization tab in user master record?

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What is the use of account id in logon tab?


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Terrenos SAP Basis Interview Questions
    Terrenos SAP Basis Interview Questions (17)

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