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Techno Solutions Interview Questions
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What is asset master?

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what is the differnce between internaltable and framework


My website has around 100 aspx. Out of this, a certain 20 aspx files should be made available to the users only if they are logged in. How can I achieve this with the web.config file?

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Below is a code extract from an ASP.Net application. The code basically reads data from the “name” field in the “members” table and prints them onto the webpage. Using the assumptions provided, fill in the 4 blanks below so that the code will run correctly. ‘Assumptions: ‘conn_str is a variable that holds the connection string to the database ‘Objects dbcomm and dbread are already declared earlier dbcomm = New OleDbCommand("SELECT name FROM members", conn_str) dbread = dbcomm._______________ _____________________ response.write(_______________) _____________________ dbread.Close()

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Suggest 3 best practices in detail for for Developing High Performance Web and Enterprise Applications

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1.Describe way(s) to tune the SQL table in order to optimize performance. 2. Explain SQL Injection and how can you prevent them?

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I have a website that allows customers to browse and place orders for certain products. I have 2 tables; Customers and Orders. The Customers table holds the customer records and the Orders table holds the orders placed by the customer. Both tables are tied based on the field Cust_ID. Example of the data is shown below: Cust_ID Cust_Name Cust_ID Product Amount Order_Date 1001 John Tan 1001 P-5211 $120.00 2/13/2006 1002 Michael Wong 1001 K-1428 $88.90 1/11/2006 1003 Mary Cheong 1003 C-0923 $82.50 1/27/2006 1004 Ahmad Suffian 1003 K-1428 $88.90 2/2/2006 Write a single SQL statement that extracts all purchase records with the following criteria: 1. Customer names starting with “M” only. 2. Orders placed within the current month only. 3. Amount does not exceed $100.00 The list must be sorted by order date with the latest order showing on top.

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Let’s say the table in the database is named as TBL_Register. The fields in this table include: 1. User_Name, 2. User_Telephone, 3. Register_Date The field Register_Date stores the current date and time of the registration. Write the SQL statement that inserts the data into the table.

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I will explain the scenario now i have a form1 having some fields and i made it extends DynaActionForm. in struts config how can i specify another form form2 which has to extend the form1 please specify is it better to use actionform or dyna action form in applations. is dyna action form is comfortable in declaring form variables of type 'ArrayList' extend the


Sir ,my name is manojkumar pursued cse 2011 batch.Bits college(narsampet wgl).Planning for USA university admission spring intake. --->Aggregate 58.85%.5 backlogs cleared. ---->GRE score is 880(v 300.Q 580). ---->Toefl going to take in the last month of June 2011. reported gre score to 4 universities after the exam..Masters in computer science .those are 1.Midwestern state univ Texas 2.Texas a & m commerce 3.Texas a & m kings-ville 4.northwestern state univ Missouri can i get the admission in usa university .if not please recommend some universities to apply. waiting for your valuable reply.please do reply me sir.


if a 3 point starter is not available, how can a dc motor be started?

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How to do rate analysis for concrete work including shuttering work?


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