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Techno Solutions ASP.NET Interview Questions
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My website has around 100 aspx. Out of this, a certain 20 aspx files should be made available to the users only if they are logged in. How can I achieve this with the web.config file?

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Below is a code extract from an ASP.Net application. The code basically reads data from the “name” field in the “members” table and prints them onto the webpage. Using the assumptions provided, fill in the 4 blanks below so that the code will run correctly. ‘Assumptions: ‘conn_str is a variable that holds the connection string to the database ‘Objects dbcomm and dbread are already declared earlier dbcomm = New OleDbCommand("SELECT name FROM members", conn_str) dbread = dbcomm._______________ _____________________ response.write(_______________) _____________________ dbread.Close()

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Suggest 3 best practices in detail for for Developing High Performance Web and Enterprise Applications

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