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Symmetric Technologies Interview Questions
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Symmetric technologies interview questions. For Computer science candidates the first round is a objective type written test consisting of 16 questions.It is very easy ,any police man can solve this. And next round is a written test consists of both objective and subjective .Total 40 question related to c,c++ and operating system related questions. And then a technical interview and give some program to solve with computer.The md is adamant person, whatever he says we have to accept that is the condition. And one more thing ,,,these interview is just for a formality..the company will select only innocent guys.. the person's without a backbone only they require.. And u have to submit the certificates this is the most important problem...So if you are not getting any other jobs..then only join with this... It is better to try for other company...And apart from that symmetric do a lot of projects..If a candidate can manage everything u can join and make good career with this company... The Md will normally speak rudely..but he is good person and he will give you a lot of very good chances to improve your career....but with cheap salary....


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Symmetric Technologies Interview Questions

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