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SSB CDS Interview Questions
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why india making ties with iran


tell me about ur stay ?

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why india making ties with iran

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tell me about indo china relation ?

8 13092

evrybody says to be truthful during the full ssb period . when asked to give one`s negative qualities should we be truthful here too ?

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What improvement you want to make in your unit. (you are serving as an soldier

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whx want you join indian army

5 6129

which type of question asked in ssb interview

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Tell me about five current national and international issues

2 5019

Why u want to joinarmy rather than air force and navy?

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What qualities of yourself did you discover in SSB?


What do you see in someone to make him/her your friend??

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you have 10 lac in your hand , you cant distribute that money among poor and deposit that money in a bank how do you manage that money

1 2616

why u did not achieve anything in sports


who are better friends according to you-girls or boys?


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