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Sony SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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Can search help be assigned to more than one table? Can matchcodes be assigned to more than one table?

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please any one can tell me How to validate the data in Table maintinance generator?how can u validate the table field values if u r entering the data into fields .it shows record is wrong?wher we can done validation in table maitenance generator before getting the data as out ?


in bdc session method. if u run the record in fore ground manually i have a 7 records but at the time of record processing first record produces the error how can u process records manually in fore ground please tell me any one knows?


ANY one can tell me what is basic diff b/w keywords STOP,CONTINUE,CHECK,EXIT, AT-EXITCOMMAND?

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how to find the driver program of a script without touching its print program?

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Sony SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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