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Sodexo General Aptitude Interview Questions
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Which of the following countries enjoys a federal form of Govt.? i)China,ii) USA, iii) cuba, and iv)Belgium

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How many times the President of India can seek re-election to his post? a) Once b) 2 times c) 3 times d) Any number of times

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Which of the following appointments is not made by the President of India? a) Speaker of the LOk Sabha. b) Chief of Air Staff c) Chief of Army

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Who wrote the recent best selling book "The Road Ahead"? a) Bill Clinton b) I.K. Gujral c) Bill Gates c) T.N. Seshan

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who translated the novel NIL Darpan in English? a) Rabindranath Tagore b) Madhusudan Dutta C) Dinabandhu Mitra d) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee.

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Which one of the following countries has the longest international boundary with India. a) Bangladesh b) Bhutan c) China d) Pakistan

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Which actor played the role of Mahatama Gandhi in the film 'Gandhi'? a)Paresh rawal b) ben kingsley c) abhijit

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Sodexo General Aptitude Interview Questions

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