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Accel Windows AllOther Interview Questions
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Ntfldr.exe is missing in win xp os what will you do?

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why the kernel panic error was occuring?

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I am interested in how to write Functional Specicification documents to be passed on SAP ABAP Consultants. After the Fit/Gap Analysis the RICEFW objects will be derived and functional specicifications will be written for the ABAPers to work on. I would be happy if anyone could send me examples, templates and explanations. Thanks Jay


What revenues have you gained for your previous employers?


What’s your area of opportunity?


increase in unit speed increases the discharge of impulse turbine how?


while i creating a main asset master there is a error called process being terminated? pls send the solution


Readings of ER300P Trivector meter


which test strategy your are fallowing in your company?which documents u r using in software development life cycle?


 What all can a PeopleSoft Patch contain.


How often is the stock market ticker updated? 15sec? 30sec?


What technology is used in latest generators?


Why the output of OP-AMP is always less than Vcc?


Can we Test Welcome Screens and Process Images with QTP


hey! i have an interview for PO in union bank on 11th feb. can anyone please tell me what major topics should i prepare for? of course npa is there. also cibil and basel basics. is there anything else i should prepare?


I want to design a heating coil of 80/20 nicrome for 3.5KW please give me the calculations choosing for physical dimensions assume coil voltage will be 110V AC assume necessary conditions


what is mean of area?


Accel Windows AllOther Interview Questions
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