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Sinertel Interview Questions
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How 2check the color of the text in the textfield . say suppose the text entered in the textfield object is appearing in red. so i want to check whether the text is in red color or not. It could be great help for me if any one solve's my issue.

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HelloIT Business Transformation Scenario Overview HelloIT is an eCommerce provider operating out of t he southwest corridor that needs to develop a strategic plan for acquiring large, successful competitors in the high-growth, high-population density metropolitan areas of Nigeria. The competitors that are identified for acquisition must have a unique, creative business model that c an be integrated into a synergistically superior overall HelloIT model in phases. HelloIT also plans to open some new stores during t his business transformation. It is the development and rollout of this business model that is the focus of this assignment . The plan is backed by Venture Capital Funds and as such has some very high expectations in hig hly specified timeframes. A special emphasis on processes will emerge from th e operational model to assess the benefits of processes within each acquisition. Upon completion of the project, a continuous improvement of these processes will be ongoing. Major Strategic Activities: 1. Develop the business model, identify the short-list ed competitors (that fit the needs of the business model) amenable to acquisition, and establish the s trategic timeframe. 2. Develop a Project Statement of Work( using the atta ched template


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