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Seed Infotech Interview Questions
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What is serializable interface?

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Can we create report using more than one database?

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How enviornment veriable can be included into my script. I want to include some information into my Excel file using Test run in WR. like User name of system? waht is function to be used? Please clarify.....


How do you test cases for mobile handsets ?

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Q1.A. Write note on “The class path Environment Variable”? B. Which are different kinds of source code? Q2.A. How to create an interface? B. Why convert an applet to an application? Q3.A. How to use Media tracker Class. B. How to use string tokenizer class. Q4 A. Explain the overview of UDP messaging. B. Difference between SQL Exception class and SQL Warning class. Q5. A. How to create com object in Java? B. Write short notes on “The properties class” Q6. A. When object is created and destroyed? B. Explain the JDB in depth & command line. C. Write short notes on Web Sites.

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What is the difference between version and build.

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Q5. An expert based test estimation is also known as A. Narrow band Delphi B. Wide band Delphi C. Bespoke Delphi D. Robust Delphi

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what is test initiation criteria in software testing

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