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Scan Steel Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions
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what is item status? name the related table.

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define steps of assigning items to an organization.

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in which table sub inventory related information for item is stored?

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what are the prerequisite set ups for inter organization transaction?

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where to define interorganization transaction charges and what are the different options?


what are stock locators and how to define them? name the tables where the stock locator information is stored. at least two.

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what is unit of measure classes? give atleast two examples. name the underlying table.

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what is the prerequisite for defining unit of measure?

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in which tables the transaction details stored? at least two.

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what are centralized and decentralized level of control of item attributes?

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name all status attributes.

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differentiate between intra & inter UOM class conversion with examples.

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is UOM maintained at master level or organization level or both?

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mention the interface tables for item open interface and open transaction interface and also their respective production tables.

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name at least five reports in oracle inventory related to transaction ?

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Scan Steel Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions

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